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I offer couples therapy (heterosexual and same sex), divorce, separation,
reconciliation, and relationship concerns.

Couples who need help may come for many different reasons.
They might wish to improve communication, intimacy,
resolve past hurts or disappointments.
Some couples want to see if their partnership
can renew their desire to stay together.

Yet other couples wish to work on
how to separate amicably, especially if they share children.
While some couples may wish to reconcile from a separation,
and find a way to reconnect.

Often couples will struggle for seven years on their own
before they ever seek outside help.

As a systemically trained therapist,
I have found it most helpful
to work with the complete couple system.
Thus I am able to work with
each person separately for private sessions
as well as having sessions together.

I can also work with one partner for individual therapy
with the other partner witnessing and supporting.
This can facilitate new awarenesses, openness, learning and support.

We can discuss what option would fit
or be most comfortable for you both.

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