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Since 2004 to the present I have been a member of the
UVIC (University of Victoria) Speakers Bureau

I have presented over 90 talks and workshops
from Satir based speech topics in the community:
Finding Inner and Outer Balance
Finding Inspiration in an Ordinary Life
From Surviving to Thriving
Smooth Sailing or Rough Seas: The Team Chooses
Growing in Relationships
Maintaining Relationships
Know Thyself
Understanding Yourself
Living in the Moment
Self Care Equals Less Stress
Self Care
Speaking Your Voice
Therapy for the Soul
Understanding Suicidal Youth
Women, Wealth and Wellness

Professional talks include presentations to:

2010 Hong Kong Satir Conference
At This Moment in Time: Healing the Past
and Creating Space for the Future"

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors:
(2003, 2002) "
Exploring the Impacts of the Primary Triad"
"Suicidal Youth"

Satir Institute of the Pacific:
The Therapist's Use of Self"

2002 Ministry of Community Development and Sports, Singapore:
Assessing and Understanding Our Clients"

2000 Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP Conference)
"What Kids Are Teaching Us"

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