Inner Change

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Therapeutic Approach

"I've been doing a mentally juggling act with myself my whole life,
now I'm getting underneath that. This is awesome."

"I feel like 25 pounds of weight has been lifted, I've released the guilt.
I can feel the shift right now as I'm sitting here."

"It's started with your session¡­had a turning point. It's been amazing."

"I've increased self confidence. It's almost unbelievable, something's happened
since our session (first)."

"This feels like a massage for the soul."

"I feel like I've taken back me (displaying surprise and relief)
I feel like a major block just moved¡­amazing."

"It's so powerful¡­the tears were so deep. I didn't expect this."

"I feel right now, physically different. It feels like running water.
I feel cleansed, a release. A lot of power, yet fluidity."

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