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Satir Model

Therapeutic Approach

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

During my early university years, I remember being
exposed and drawn to Virginia Satir's teachings.
Twenty years later when I was ready to return to
higher education, a brochure advertising
the Satir Model came across my desk.
Remembering my admiration of Satir,
I was intrigued, so in 1994 I attended the course
taught by Dr. John Banmen of the Satir Institute of the Pacific.
This decision would positively and significantly impact my life
as I was to meet my future teacher, mentor and guide.

Even though I subsequently was accepted
into a Masters in Counselling Psychology program
and graduated in 2000, I have continued
in depth study of the Satir Model.
I have personally experienced deep changes in
my private and professional life
by learning to live the Satir Model.

While studying this therapeutic model, I also observed
colleagues and therapists making internal changes
through personal involvement
during therapeutic teaching sessions.
When I interviewed nine therapists for my thesis,
it reinforced that people were truly
experiencing significant changes within themselves,
which positively impacted their families, friends and colleagues.

As I gained experience as a therapist using
the Satir Model, I have been humbled to witness
many clients making new decisions, letting go of old hurts,
honouring self and making new connections.
Often adult clients have released emotional aches
that have lingered since childhood.

My life passion is to help transform people's lives
using Satir's Transformational Systemic Therapy.
I am honoured and excited to share this
passion of the Satir Model with you!
It is simple to learn, yet has much complexity.
As Dr. Stuart Piddock stated, "
It's deceptively simple".

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