Inner Change

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Call of the Knot

"Not now, not now!",
cried the knot from the pit of her stomach....
the muscles clenched so ever tight,
the pit in the core of an olive,
rounded like the curve of a stomach.
The pit and the pendulum swinging,
oh, but not so slowly, so methodically.
The knot quickened its grasp,
and instead of ignoring its voice this time,
she heard, "Knot now, not now!"
The warning sign of stop.....
do not proceed
through the intersection of boy meets girl...
naughtiness that is not so nice.
"Knot now, not now!"
She stopped her addictive tendency to love....
the knot softened into flesh.
She kept herself safe now
because she now heard the call of the knot.

Wendy Lum

Light Weight

She felt extreme swings
between high and low weight
Weighing down her body
throat, solar plexus, arms
Body feels, tells, knows all
All she felt was heaviness held in her arms
Armed and ready to pounce
Critical voice into the core
Core of an apple
holding the seed
Seeding growth of a new born tree
As she felt core, tree became pine
Rooting rotting weight off her spine
Grasping her toes into solid ground
Center core teetering and tottering no more
Centered inside her body
Weight having no extremes
Highs and lows turned horizontally straight
Straightening of her center
Permitting acceptance of weight
Lightening her load
No lightening struck tree
Free light of weight
Free to be she

Wendy Lum

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